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Inria - 2019 Teams Activity Report

The Inria's Research Teams produce an annual Activity Report presenting their activities and their results of the year. This reports includes the members of the team, the scientific program, the software developed by the team and the new results of the year. The report also describes the grants and contracts and the activities of dissemination and teaching. Finally, the report gives the list of publications of the year.

Abs - Algorithms, Biology, Structure
Acumes - Analysis and Control of Unsteady Models for Engineering Sciences
Agora - ALGorithmes et Optimisation pour Réseaux Autonomes
Airsea - mathematics and computing applied to oceanic and atmospheric flows
Alice - Geometry and Lighting
Almanach - Automatic Language Modelling and Analysis & Computational Humanities
Alpines - Algorithms and parallel tools for integrated numerical simulations
Ange - Numerical Analysis, Geophysics and Environment
Antique - Static Analysis by Abstract Interpretation
Aramis - Algorithms, models and methods for images and signals of the human brain
Aric - Arithmetic and Computing
Aromath - AlgebRe gèOmétrie Modelisation et AlgoriTHmes
Athena - Computational Imaging of the Central Nervous System
Auctus - Designing the collaborative robotics cells of the future
Avalon - Algorithms and Software Architectures for Distributed and HPC Platforms
Aviz - Analysis and Visualization

Beagle - Artificial Evolution and Computational Biology
Bigs - Biology, genetics and statistics
Biocore - Biological control of artificial ecosystems
Biovision - Biologically plausible Integrative mOdels of the Visual system : towards synergIstic Solutions for visually-Impaired people and artificial visiON
Bonus - Big Optimization aNd Ultra-Scale Computing

Cage - Control and Geometry
Cagire - Computational AGility for internal flows sImulations and compaRisons with Experiments
Cairn - Energy Efficient Computing Architectures
Cambium - Programming languages: type systems, concurrency, proofs of programs
Camin - Control of Artificial Movement & Intuitive Neuroprosthesis
Camus - Compiling Architectures of Multicores
Capsid - Computational Algorithms for Protein Structures and Interactions
Caramba - Cryptology, arithmetic : algebraic methods for better algorithms
Cardamom - Certified Adaptive discRete moDels for robust simulAtions of CoMplex flOws with Moving fronts
Carmen - Modélisation et calculs pour l'électrophysiologie cardiaque
Cascade - Construction and Analysis of Systems for Confidentiality and Authenticity of Data and Entities
Cash - Compilation and Analyses for Software and Hardware
Castor - Control, Analysis and Simulations for TOkamak Research
Cedar - Rich Data Exploration at Cloud Scale
Celeste - mathematical statistics and learning
Celtique - Software certification with semantic analysis
Chorale - Collaborative and HeterOgeneous Robots interActing in Live Environment
Chroma - Cooperative and Human-aware Robot Navigation in Dynamic Environments
Cidre - Confidentialité, Intégrité, Disponibilité et Répartition
Coast - Web Scale Trustworthy Collaborative Service Systems
Coati - Combinatorics, Optimization and Algorithms for Telecommunications
Coffee - COmplex Flows For Energy and Environment
Comete - Concurrency, Mobility and Transactions
Coml - Cognitive Machine Learning
Commands - Control, Optimization, Models, Methods and Applications for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Commedia - Computational mathematics for bio-medical applications
Convecs - Construction of verified concurrent systems
Corse - compiler optimization and run-time systems
Cqfd - Quality control and dynamic reliability
Ctrl-a - Control for safe Autonomic computing systems

Dante - Dynamic Networks : Temporal and Structural Capture Approach
Datamove - Data Aware Large Scale Computing
Datashape - Understanding the shape of data
Datasphere - Economie des données et des plateformes
Deducteam - DEDUCTEAM
Defi - Shape reconstruction and identification
Defrost - DEFormable RObotics SofTware
Delys - DistributEd aLgorithms and sYStems
Diana - Design, Implementation and Analysis of Networking Architectures
Dionysos - Dependability Interoperability and perfOrmance aNalYsiS Of networkS
Disco - Dynamical Interconnected Systems in COmplex Environments
Diverse - Diversity-centric Software Engineering
Dracula - Multi-scale modelling of cell dynamics : application to hematopoiesis
Dyliss - Dynamics, Logics and Inference for biological Systems and Sequences
Dyogene - Dynamics of Geometric Networks

Ease - Enabling Affordable Smarter Environment
Ecuador - Program transformations for scientific computing
Elan - modELing the Appearance of Nonlinear phenomena
Empenn - EMPENN
Epione - E-Patient: Images, Data & MOdels for e-MediciNE
Erable - European Research team in Algorithms and Biology, formaL and Experimental
Eva - Wireless Networking for Evolving & Adaptive Applications
Ex-situ - Extreme Interaction

Factas - Functional Analysis for ConcepTion and Assessment of Systems
Flowers - Flowing Epigenetic Robots and Systems
Fluminance - Fluid Flow Analysis, Description and Control from Image Sequences
Focus - Foundations of Component-based Ubiquitous Systems
Fun - self-organizing Future Ubiquitous Network

Gallinette - Gallinette: developing a new generation of proof assistants
Gamble - Geometric Algorithms & Models Beyond the Linear & Euclidean realm
Gamma - Adaptive Mesh Generation and Advanced numerical Methods
Gang - Networks, Graphs and Algorithms
Genscale - Scalable, Optimized and Parallel Algorithms for Genomics
Geostat - Geometry and Statistics in acquisition data
Grace - Geometry, arithmetic, algorithms, codes and encryption
Graphdeco - GRAPHics and DEsign with hEterogeneous COntent
Graphik - GRAPHs for Inferences and Knowledge representation

Hephaistos - HExapode, PHysiology, AssISTance and RobOtics
Hiepacs - High-End Parallel Algorithms for Challenging Numerical Simulations
Hybrid - 3D interaction with virtual environments using body and mind
Hycomes - Modélisation hybride & conception par contrats pour les systèmes embarqués multi-physiques

I4s - Statistical Inference for Structural Health Monitoring
Ibis - Modeling, simulation, measurement, and control of bacterial regulatory networks
Ilda - Interacting with Large Data
Imagine - Intuitive Modeling and Animation for Interactive Graphics & Narrative Environments
Indes - Secure Diffuse Programming
Inocs - INtegrated Optimization with Complex Structure

Kairos - Multiform Logical Time for Formal Cyber-Physical System Design
Kerdata - Scalable Storage for Clouds and Beyond
Kopernic - Keeping wOrst case reasoning aPpropriatE foR differeNt critICalities

Lacodam - Large scale Collaborative Data Mining
Larsen - Lifelong Autonomy and interaction skills for Robots in a Sensing ENvironment
Lemon - Littoral Environment: M0dels and Numerics
Lfant - Lithe and fast algorithmic number theory
Lifeware - Computational systems biology and optimization
Linkmedia - Creating and exploiting explicit links between multimedia fragments
Links - Linking Dynamic Data
Loki - technology & knowledge for interaction

M3disim - Mathematical and Mechanical Modeling with Data Interaction in Simulations for Medicine
Magique-3d - Advanced 3D Numerical Modeling in Geophysics
Magnet - Machine Learning in Information Networks
Magrit - Visual Augmentation of Complex Environments
Mamba - Modelling and Analysis for Medical and Biological Applications
Manao - Melting the frontiers between Light, Shape and Matter
Maracas - Models and Algorithms for Reliable Communication Systems
Matherials - MATHematics for MatERIALS
Mathneuro - Mathematics for Neuroscience
Mathrisk - Mathematical Risk handling
Maverick - Models and Algorithms for Visualization and Rendering
Mctao - Mathematics for Control, Transport and Applications
Memphis - Modeling Enablers for Multi-PHysics and InteractionS
Mephysto - Quantitative methods for stochastic models in physics
Mexico - Modeling and Exploitation of Interaction and Concurrency
Mfx - Matter From Graphics
Mimesis - Computational Anatomy and Simulation for Medicine
Mimetic - Analysis-Synthesis Approach for Virtual Human Simulation
Mimove - Middleware on the Move
Mingus - MultI-scale Numerical Geometric Schemes
Mistis - Modelling and Inference of Complex and Structured Stochastic Systems
Mnemosyne - Mnemonic Synergy
Mocqua - Designing the Future of Computational Models
Modal - MOdel for Data Analysis and Learning
Moex - Evolving Knowledge
Mokaplan - Advances in Numerical Calculus of Variations
Monc - Mathematical modeling for Oncology
Morpheme - Morphologie et Images
Morpheo - Capture and Analysis of Shapes in Motion
Mosaic - MOrphogenesis Simulation and Analysis In siliCo
Multispeech - Speech Modeling for Facilitating Oral-Based Communication
Myriads - Design and Implementation of Autonomous Distributed Systems

Nachos - Numerical modeling and high performance computing for evolution problems in complex domains and heterogeneous media
Nano-d - Algorithmes pour la Modélisation et la Simulation de Nanosystèmes
Necs - Networked Controlled Systems
Neo - Network Engineering and Operations
Neurosys - Analysis and modeling of neural systems by a system neuroscience approach
Numed - Numerical Medicine

Opis - OPtImization for large Scale biomedical data
Orpailleur - Knowledge discovery, knowledge engineering
Ouragan - Tools for resolutions in algebra, geometry and their applications

Pacap - Pushing Architecture and Compilation for Application Performance
Panama - Parcimonie et Nouveaux Algorithmes pour le Signal et la Modélisation Audio
Parietal - Modelling brain structure, function and variability based on high-field MRI data.
Parkas - Parallélisme de Kahn Synchrone
Parsifal - Proof search and reasoning with logic specifications
Perception - Interpretation and Modelling of Images and Videos
Pervasive - Pervasive interaction with smart objects and environments
Pesto - Proof techniques for security protocols
Petrus - PErsonal & TRUSted cloud
Pi.r2 - Design, study and implementation of languages for proofs and programs
Pleiade - Patterns of diversity and networks of function
Poems - Wave propagation: mathematical analysis and simulation
Polaris - Performance analysis and Optimization of LARge Infrastructures and Systems
Polsys - Polynomial Systems
Potioc - Novel Multimodal Interactions for a Stimulating User Experience
Privatics - Privacy Models, Architectures and Tools for the Information Society
Prosecco - Programming securely with cryptography

Quantic - QUANTum Information Circuits

Rainbow - Sensor-based Robotics and Human Interaction
Randopt - Randomized Optimization
Rapsodi - Reliable numerical approximations of dissipative systems.
Realopt - Reformulations based algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization
Reo - Numerical simulation of biological flows
Resist - Resilience and Elasticity for Security and ScalabiliTy of dynamic networked systems
Rits - Robotics & Intelligent Transportation Systems
Rmod - Analyses and Languages Constructs for Object-Oriented Application Evolution
Roma - Optimisation des ressources : modèles, algorithmes et ordonnancement

Secret - Security, Cryptology and Transmissions
Semagramme - Semantic Analysis of Natural Language
Sequel - Sequential Learning
Serena - Simulation for the Environment: Reliable and Efficient Numerical Algorithms
Serpico - Space-timE RePresentation, Imaging and cellular dynamics of molecular COmplexes
Sierra - Statistical Machine Learning and Parsimony
Simsmart - SIMulating Stochastic Models with pARTicles
Sirocco - Analysis representation, compression and communication of visual data
Sistm - Statistics In System biology and Translational Medicine
Socrate - Software and Cognitive radio for telecommunications
Spades - Sound Programming of Adaptive Dependable Embedded Systems
Specfun - Symbolic Special Functions : Fast and Certified
Sphinx - Heterogeneous Systems: Inverse Problems, Control and Stabilization, Simulation
Spirals - Self-adaptation for distributed services and large software systems
Stack - Software Stack for Massively Geo-Distributed Infrastructures
Stamp - Safety Techniques based on Formalized Mathematical Proofs
Stars - Spatio-Temporal Activity Recognition Systems
Steep - Sustainability transition, environment, economy and local policy
Storm - STatic Optimizations, Runtime Methods
Sumo - SUpervision of large MOdular and distributed systems

Tadaam - Topology-aware system-scale data management for high-performance computing
Tamis - Threat Analysis and Mitigation for Information Security
Tau - Tackling the under-specified
Tea - Time, Events and Architectures
Thoth - Learning visual models from large-scale data
Titane - Geometric Modeling of 3D Environments
Toccata - Formally Verified Programs, Certified Tools, Numerical Computations
Tonus - TOkamaks and NUmerical Simulations
Tosca - TO Simulate and CAlibrate stochastic models
Tribe - inTeRnet BEyond the usual
Tripop - Modeling, Simulation and Control of Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems
Tropical - Tropical methods: structures, algorithms and interactions
Tyrex - Types and Reasoning for the Web

Valda - Value from Data
Valse - Finite-time control and estimation for distributed systems
Veridis - Modeling and Verification of Distributed Algorithms and Systems

Whisper - Well Honed Infrastructure Software for Programming Environments and Runtimes
Wide - The World Is DistributEd: Exploring the tension between scale and coordination
Willow - Models of visual object recognition and scene understanding
Wimmics - Web-Instrumented Man-Machine Interactions, Communities and Semantics

Xpop - Statistical modelling for life sciences

Zenith - Scientific Data Management