Section: Dissemination


The following PhD theses are currently in progress at the ARLES project-team:

  • Dionysis Athanasopoulos, “Evolution and Maintenance in Service-oriented Software”, started October 2008, advised by Apostolos Zarras and Valérie Issarny

  • Nebil Ben Mabrouk, “QoS Service Oriented Middleware for Pervasive environments”, started October 2007, advised by Nikolaos Georgantas and Valérie Issarny

  • Amel Bennaceur, “Synthèse dynamique de connecteurs pour les réseaux ubiquitaires", started October 2009, advised by Valérie Issarny

  • Sara Hachem, “Middleware pour l'Internet des objets intelligents", started October 2012, advised by Valérie Issarny

  • Pankesh Patel, “Enabling High-Level Application Development in Sensing-and-Actuation-augmented Pervasive Systems, started October 2010, advised by Animesh Pathak and Valérie Issarny

  • Amir Seyedi, “Impact of Social Networks on Middleware for Mobile Environment”, started December 2009, advised by Animesh Pathak and Valérie Issarny.