Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

ANR Tosa CityVIP

Participants : Patrick Rives, Andrew Comport, Maxime Meilland.

This project, in the continuation of the "Automated Road Scenario", focuses on low speed applications (<30 km/h) in an open, or partly open, urban context. The level of automatization can vary from limited driving assistance to full autonomy. An important effort is devoted to the use of on-board vision for precise vehicle localization and for urban environment modeling. This model is then used for automatic guidance by applying visual servoing techniques developed by the research partners.

Our partners are Lasmea (Clermont Ferrand), IRISA/Lagadic (Rennes), Heudiasyc (Compiègne), LCPC (Nantes), IGN/Matis (Paris), Xlim (Limoges), BeNonad (Sophia Antipolis)

Inria Large Scale Initiative Action PAL (Personaly Assisted Living)

Participants : Patrick Rives, Pascal Morin, Luca Marchetti.

ARobAS participates in the Large-scale initiative action Personally Assisted Living to develop technologies and services to improve the autonomy and quality of life for elderly and fragile persons. The purpose of LSIA PAL is to provide an experimental infrastructure, in order to facilitate the development of models, tools, technologies and concept demonstrations. Using the skills and objectives of the involved teams, four research themes have been defined: Assessing the degree of frailty of the elderly, Mobility of people, Rehabilitation, transfer and assistance in walking, and Social interaction. We are currently involved in the themes "Mobility of people" and " assistance in walking" through collaborations with the EPI Emotion and the Laboratoire "Handibio" ( Toulon).