Section: Software

TiffIO: Qt 3 binding for TIFF images

Participant : Jean-Dominique Gascuel [contact] .

TiffIO is a plug-in that add TIFF images read/write capabilities to all Qt3 and Qt4 applications using the refernce QImage class. TiffIO come with a self-test suite, and have been compiled and used successfully on a wide variety of systems, compilers and Qt version combination. A demo application enables to quickly test image loading and viewing on any platform. All TIFF operations are based on libtiff 3.8.0, this plugin is just a wrapper that enable to use it transparently from the QImage class, and the architecture defined by Qt.

TiffIO has been downloaded by a large number of developer, and integrated in a variety of commercial or internal tools, such as by Pixar. TiffIO is freely available for download (http://artis.imag.fr/Software/TiffIO ).