Section: Software

AMW (AtlanMod Model Weaver)

URL: http://wiki.eclipse.org/AMW

AMW is an open source Eclipse project, under the Eclipse Public License (EPL), that provides a generic and extensible tooling dedicated to model weaving. It can be used to establish, represent and manage any kind of links (correspondences) between elements coming from different models (or metamodels). These links are stored in separated weaving models, allowing them to be exchanged and reused in various contexts using different modeling techniques. Thus, weaving models are actually relevant in many concrete application scenarios where several models are involved: (model driven) tool interoperability, mapping definition, transformation specification, traceability, model annotation, model merging, model comparison, etc.

The AMW tooling is composed of several Eclipse plugins, and relies on the de-facto standard Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) for model handling. The provided model weaving workbench comes notably with a base weaving editor, reusable matching algorithms and weaving model serialization capabilities. These components are fully generic, so that they can be extended and adapted to any specific weaving metamodel (defining any kind of weaving links). AMW also offers a connector allowing to both use and produce weaving models as part of model-to-model transformations written in ATL.

AMW is being used by more than 40 user sites, including research labs and major companies (NASA, BAE, Versata, Mia-Software, Obeo, etc.). Currently part of the Eclipse-GMT project (to be terminated in the coming months), AMW is now in the process of being migrated into the Eclipse-M2M ATL project.