Section: New Results

Model Representation

As part of our work on core techniques for the specification and internal representation of models we would like to highlight:

  • Improved model typing. In order to represent metadata more accurately, we have worked on a functional typing system for megamodeling [18] . The basic idea is to consider transformations as functions, and to give them functional types that can facilitate the reasoning on them.

  • Virtual EMF [21] for the transparent Composition, Weaving and Linking of Models. Virtual EMF facilitates the global manipulation of an heterogeneous but related set of models by providing the illusion of having a single and unified view of the modeled system.

  • EMF Profiles [25] , a mechanism to enable users annotate existing models without polluting them (i.e. without directly changing their content).

  • Batch scripting support for the retrieval and manipulation of models from model repositories thanks to our new language MoScript [24]