Section: New Results

Plasma-wall interactions - application to ELM modes on JET

Participants : Sever Hirstoaga, Giovanni Manfredi.

The aim of [24] was to model the effect of energetic charged particles (generated during violent events known as edge-localized modes) on the divertor plates of a tokamak. We thus have developed a 1D Vlasov-Poisson code with open boundaries for both ions and electrons. This work was already described in last year's report.

In the proceedings [33] we compare the numerical results previously obtained with the Eulerian code (in [24] ) to those obtained with two different aproaches: a PIC code (developed at the University of Innsbruck) and a fluid code (developed at Culham, UK) which is based on a set of Branginskii-type equations. These comparisons show a very good agreement between Eulerian and PIC codes when computing the energy fluxes of both species, while the fluid code overestimates these fluxes. We also note that both the Eulerian and PIC codes yield similar results for the early burst of electrons, whereas the fluid code is not able to reproduce this effect, thus confirming its kinetic origin.