Section: New Results

Tutorial papers on Service-Oriented Computing

Participants : Mario Bravetti, Ivan Lanese, Davide Sangiorgi, Gianluigi Zavattaro.

We have contributed to a few tutorial papers that summarise the work on languages and tools for Service-Oriented Computing that has been carried out within the EU project Sensoria in Focus and elsewhere. The papers appear as chapters of a book dedicated to the topic.

The chapters [45] and [43] present and contrast the primitives and the behavioural theories of the main process calculi designed for modeling services.

Languages and models for service-oriented applications usually include primitives and constructs for exception and compensation handling. Exception handling is used to react to unexpected events while compensation handling is used to undo previously completed activities. In [44] we investigate the impact of exception and compensation handling in service-oriented process calculi.

The chapter [42] deals with contracts: descriptions intended to provide support for the automatic on-demand discovery of functionalities offered by a service. The approach followed is to describe such contracts as process calculi expressions. We show how, in certain cases, service contracts can be automatically extracted out of service behaviour, and how they can be used to formally check compliance among the communication protocols followed by the interacting services.

Finally, in [41] we present different tools that have been developed for verifying properties of service implementations with respect to their formal specifications in an automated, or semi-automated, way.