Section: Dissemination


The next table details the number of lecture hours as well as the number of module responsibilities for each team member. Note that Michel Chein being Emeritus Professor has no teaching duty and Marie-Laure Mugnier had an INRIA Delegation for two years (September 2009/August 2011). Given their arrival date, Souhila Kaci (Professor) and the new PhD students do not appear in this table.

Table 1.
NamePosition2010/11Cursus (*)Module Resp.
(per year)
J.-F. BagetResearch Scientist15M2 (UM2)1
M. CroitoruAssistant Prof.200L (IUT) and M2
M. CheinEmeritus Prof.0
M. FortinAssistant Prof192Polytech2
M. LeclèreAssistant Prof.210L and M (UM2)4
M. -L. MugnierProf. (Delegation)10M2 (UM2)1
R. ThomopoulosResearch Scientist0no
K. Ben MohamedATER192L (UM2)no
B. Paiva LimaPhD64L (UM2)no
M. ThomazoPhD64L and M1 (UM2)no

(*) L =Licence, M = Master (M1 = first year, M2 = second year), UM2 = Univ. Montpellier 2 (Sciences), IUT = Institute of Technology of UM2 (Licence Cursus), Polytech = Engineering School of UM2, UM3 = Univ. Montpellier 3 (Art and Humanities)

Globally, the team ensures the courses in logics (propositional logic and first-order logic in L, logics for Artificial Intelligence in M2) at the Montpellier 2 University, as well as the Master courses in Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Engineering. We are also responsible of modules in Web Technologies (Professional L at IUT) and Databases (L).

We have some specific responsibilities in the Computer Science Master:

  • Michel Leclère was responsible of the first master year (about 100 students) from 2005 to 2011. He is now co-responsible of the new master speciality DECOL (about 20 students) started in September 2011.

  • Marie-Laure Mugnier is co-responsible of the new Computer Science Master started in September 2011 (about 120 students).

No PhD was defended in 2011. Five PhD students are members of the team:

  • PhD in progress : Bruno Paiva Lima Da Silva, Comparing Storage Systems for Large knowledge bases, Oct. 2010, directed by Jean-François Baget and Madalina Croitoru (supervisor HDR: Marie-Laure Mugnier)

  • PhD in progress : Tjitze Rienstra, Dynamic argumentation systems, Oct. 2010, directed by Souhila Kaci and Leon van der Torre (University of Luxembourg)

  • PhD in progress: Michaël Thomazo, Querying knowledge bases: decidability, complexity and algorithms, Sept. 2010, directed by Marie-Laure Mugnier and Jean-François Baget

  • PhD in progress: Léa Guizol, Entity identification in metadata bases, Oct. 2011, directed by Michel Leclère and Madalina Croitoru (supervisor HDR: Marie-Laure Mugnier)

  • PhD in progress: Mélanie König, Algorithms for querying large knowledge bases, Oct. 2011, directed by Michel Leclère and Marie-Laure Mugnier