Section: Dissemination

Seminars and conferences

  • Pejman Attar attended the conference MSR'11 in Lille, where he presented the work [15] . In November/December 2011, he participated in the SYNCHRON'11 5 day-workshop in Melun, where he presented [15] and the future perspectives of his work.

  • Gérard Berry gave the following conferences:

    • Challenges and Constructive Solutions for Complex Embedded Systems, University of Bordeaux.

    • Constructive Semantics for Discrete and Continuous Systems, University of Barcelona.

    • Keynote Talk hallenges and Constructive Solutions for Complex Embedded Systems Embedded Systems Week, Taipei.

    • Logic and Digital Circuits: from Practice to Theory Workshop Analysing programs: logic to the rescue, 14th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Nancy.

    • Embedded Systems: Scientific Questions and Progress European Commission study project on Embedded Systems Design, Bruxelles.

    • Lecture « Hardware and software synchronous design and verification with Esterel v7 aux Microsoft Research Laboratories, Mountain View, CA.

  • Gérard Boudol participated in a one-week Seminar in Dagstuhl on Multi-Core Memory Models and Concurrency Theory, where he gave a talk. He also gave a talk at the GG&JJ workshop in honour of Gérard Berry and Jean-Jacques Lévy, held in Gerardmer.

  • Ilaria Castellani participated in the Behavioural Types workshop, in Lisbon, where she presented a preliminary version of the work [11] .

    In May and October, she visited the university of Torino to pursue the collaborative work [11] and [10] .

    In September, she attended the conference CONCUR 2010, as well as the associated workshop EXPRESS'11, where she presented the work [11] , and the symposium on Trustworthy Global Computing (TGC'11), where the work [10] was presented by M. Dezani as an invited talk. The three events were held jointly in Aachen.

  • Zhengqin Luo participated in the Cross-Seminar at INRIA in January, where he presented his work on semantics and security of web applications. In March, he participated to ETAPS conference, and presented his work on code injection prevention in TOSCA [13] . He visited Microsoft Research Cambridge from July to September, where he gave a talk on the work of automated mashup isolation in July. In October, he defended his thesis on the title of “Semantics and Security of Web Application” at INRIA [6] .

  • Cyprien Nicolas participated at the SPLASH conference organized by the ACM, where he gave three talks. The first talk was at the Scheme workshop annual conference about Manuel Serrano's work on HopTeX. The second was at DLS'11 about the new Hop interpreter, paper by Manuel Serrano and Bernard Serpette. Last talk was presenting Cyprien's work on HipHop (work done with Gérard Berry and Manuel Serrano) at the new International Workshop on Programming Language And Systems Technologies for Internet Clients (PLASTIC 2011). Cyprien also presented HipHop at Synchron'11 near Fontainebleau.

  • José Santos gave a seminar entitled “Coping with dynamically allowed flow policies” concerning his work on information flow for the SQIG research group at IST Lisbon (in April 2011).

  • Tamara Rezk presented her work in the FCC workshop, June 2011, Paris. In June 2011, she gave a seminar in LSV, where she was invited. In October 2011, she attended CCS'11 where her work was presented.

  • Manuel Serrano gave a talk at the GG&JJ workshop in honour of Gérard Berry and Jean-Jacques Lévy, held in Gerardmer. He presented the diffuse computing at the Microsoft Software Summit in April. He presented the Hop programming language at Ircam in May. Manuel Serrano presented Hop at the meeting Inria, Industrie mobile initiative 2011.