Section: Software

Irene: a speech recognition and transcription platform

Participant : Guillaume Gravier.

Guillaume Gravier is now with the TEXMEX group but this software is being used by several members of the METISS group.

In collaboration with the computer science dept. at ENST, METISS has actively participated in the past years in the development of the freely available Sirocco large vocabulary speech recognition software  [113] . The Sirocco project started as an INRIA Concerted Research Action now works on the basis of voluntary contributions.

The Sirocco speech recognition software was then used as the heart of the transcription modules whithin a spoken document analysis platform called IRENE. In particular, it has been extensively used for research on ASR and NLP as well as for work on phonetic landmarks in statistical speech recognition.

In 2009, the integration of Irene in the multimedia indexing platform of Irisa was completed, incorporating improvements benchmarked during the Ester 2 evaluation campaign in december 2008. Additionnal improvements were alos carried out such as bandwidth segmentation and improved segment clustering for unsupervised acoustic model adaptation. The integration of Irene in the multimedia indexing platform was mainly validated on large datasets extracted from TV streams.

Contact : guillaume.gravier@irisa.fr