Section: Application Domains


MExICo's research is motivated by problems on system management in several domains:

  • In the domain of service oriented computing, it is often necessary to insert some Web service into an existing orchestrated business process, e.g. to replace another component after failures. This requires to ensure, often actively, conformance to the interaction protocol. One therefore needs to synthesize adaptators for every component in order to steer its interaction with the surrounding processes.

  • Still in the domain of telecommunications, the supervision of a network tends to move from out-of-band technology, with a fixed dedicated supervision infrastructure, to in-band supervision where the supervision process uses the supervised network itself. This new setting requires to revisit the existing supervision techniques using control and diagnosis tools.

  • Several recent Intelligent Transport Systems projects aim at providing assistance to drivers, in the way of (partially) automated motorways. We will focus on the modeling and analysis of the collision avoidance problems in critical short sections of motorways.

This list is likely to grow over the next years as we continue our research.