Section: Dissemination

Animation of the scientific community

Invited talks:

  • Gestural Interaction in VR: Trends and Applications : L. Grisoni, Todai Forum (organized during the Todai University Visit in france), october 2011, IRCAM (Paris).

Journal editorial board:

Journal reviewing:

  • ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (ToCHI): N. Roussel, G. Casiez

  • Computer Aided Design: L. Grisoni

  • International Journal of Human Computer Studies (IJHCS): G. Casiez

  • Transactions on Ultrasonic Ferroelectricity and Frequency Control (TUFFC): F. Giraud

  • Transactions on Mechatronics: F. Giraud

  • Control Engineering Practice: F. Giraud

Conference organization:

  • FITG II + ArtLab , the second Forum on tactile and gestural interaction (September 22-23, about 200 participants): N. Roussel & C. Chaillou, co-organizers

  • Computer Animation and Social Worlds (CASA) 2011: L. Grisoni, Program Commitee

  • IHM 2011: N. Roussel, long papers chair

  • Workshop on Virtual Reality Interaction and Physical Simulation (VRIPHYS) 2011 : L. Grisoni, Program Commitee

Conference reviewing:

  • ACM CHI 2011: N. Roussel, G. Casiez

  • ACM UIST 2011: G. Casiez

  • ACM CSCW 2011: N. Roussel

  • ACM SIGGRAPH : L. Grisoni

  • Eurographics STAR : L. Grisoni

  • GI 2011: G. Casiez, L. Grisoni

  • 3DUI 2011: N. Roussel

  • Interact 2011: N. Roussel

  • ITS 2011: N. Roussel, G. Casiez

  • IHM 2011: G. Casiez

  • World Haptics 2011: G. Casiez

Scientific associations:

  • AFIHM , the French speaking HCI asssociation: N. Roussel and T. Pietrzak, members of the Executive Committee (vice-president and secretary since November 2011)

  • RTP Visual Studies : L. Grisoni, member of the expert group

  • ICAVS (International Cluster for Advanced Visual Studies, Plaine Image, Tourcoing): L. Grisoni, member of the scientific commitee of this initiative.

Evaluation committees and invited expertise:

  • AERES (evaluation agency for research and higher education): L. Grisoni, member of a visiting commitee (LE2i, Dijon, january 2011); N. Roussel, member of a visiting committee (LCOMS, Metz, December 2011)

  • UNIT (engineering and technology digital university) Scientific Committee member: N. Roussel

  • ANRT (national board for research and technology): N. Roussel, expert reviewer

  • DRRT (regional board for research and technology): N. Roussel, expert reviewer

  • Bordeaux I Computer Science hiring commitees members: L. Grisoni (professor position)

  • Lille 1 Computer Science hiring committees members: L. Grisoni (Vivier animation), G. Casiez, N. Roussel (president, MCF 0484)

  • Rennes 1 Computer Science hiring committees members: L. Grisoni, G. Casiez

  • JCJC SIMI3 (ANR) : L. Grisoni, expert reviewer

  • JCJC SIMI2 (ANR): G. Casiez, expert reviewer

  • ANR Blanc Inter II SIMI2: L. Grisoni, expert reviewer

  • ANR Contint : L. Grisoni, reviewer

  • SIMI 2 (ANR): G. Casiez, expert reviewer

  • CNRS PEPII-53 : L. Grisoni, expert reviewer

  • Research Foundation Flanders FWO: G. Casiez, expert reviewer

PhD committees

  • Suzanne Tak (University of Canterbury, December 2011): G. Casiez, reviewer

  • Guillaume Faure (Paris-Sud Univ., December 2011): G. Casiez, examiner

  • Jonathan Chaboissier (Paris-Sud Univ., December 2011): N. Roussel, examiner

  • Jeremy Ringard (Lille 1 Univ., October 2011): C. Chaillou and S. Degrande, co-advisors

  • Anthony Martinet (Lille 1 Univ., October 2011): L. Grisoni and G. Casiez, co-advisors

  • Benjamin Tissoires (Toulouse Univ., September 2011): N. Roussel, reviewer

  • Adriano Scoditti (Grenoble Univ., September 2011): N. Roussel, examiner

  • Clément Nadal (Toulouse Univ., July 2011): F.Giraud, examiner

  • Sylvain Malacria (Telecom ParisTech, May 2011): G. Casiez, examiner

  • Christophe Wiertlewski (UPMC, October 2011): B. Lemaire-Semail reviewer

  • Quentin Avril (Rennes, september 2011): L. Grisoni, reviewer

Scientific mediation:

  • “Fête de la Science”, touring researchers initiative (October): N. Bremard, J. Gilliot, L. Grisoni, D. Marchal, C. Moerman, P. Olivo, Y. Rekik, N. Roussel and D. Selosse

  • CS Unplugged workshops: N. Roussel (Toulouse-Lautrec elementary school, Villeneuve d'Ascq)

  • “Forum Départemental des Sciences”, Villeneuve d'Ascq: N. Roussel (debate on the digital city, in December)

  • “Comptoirs du numériques” presentations, Paris (June): L. Grisoni, N. Roussel

  • Place de la toile ” radio program, France Culture: N. Roussel (January)

  • Workshops and demonstrations at Inria's EuraTechnologies Plateau : L. Grisoni, N. Roussel

  • “Rencontres INRIA-Industrie” on the television of the future (November): demonstration of contactless gesture-based control by L. Grisoni and N. Bremard

  • “Rencontres INRIA-Industrie” on the health for home and mobility (November): demonstration of contactless gesture-based control by S. Degrande and L. Grisoni

  • Journées Recherche Innovation Création ”, Lille 1 Univ. (October): N. Roussel

  • Interaction via le geste sans contact: un retour d'expérience sur la collaboration art-science : L. Grisoni, Léonore Mercier, FITG-ArtLab days

  • Conf'lunch and Unithé ou café talks: N. Roussel (Rennes in February, Lille in May)