Section: Dissemination

Conference and workshop committees, invited conferences

Mathieu Feuillet gave a talk at the conference CISS'2011 in Baltimore (March 2011), an invited talk at the workshop YEQT in Eindhoven (October 2011) and a set of two lectures as an invited researcher in Montevideo, Uruguay (December 2011).

Christine Fricker gave an invited talk on 'Performance of passive optical networks' at Lisbon University 11/1-03. She visited Lisbon and Algrave Universities in Portugal (one week). She gave an invited talk on Mean field for large bike sharing systems at Informs Conference on Applied Probability, Stockholm, 11/14-07. Her co-author N. Gast gave an invited talk on their joint work in a sponsored session on operational aspects of bike sharing systems in the INFORMS Annual Meeting at Charlotte, North Carolina, November 13-16, 2011.

Emanuele Leoncini participated at the conferences “European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology” in Krakow (June 2011) and “INFORMS” in Stockholm (July 2011).

Philippe Robert gave a talk at the University of Marne la Vallée at the PDMP conference and a plenary talk at the conference INFORMS in Stockholm.

James Roberts gave a keynote presentation at the European Teletraffic seminar at Poznan (Feb), an invited talk at the ResCom workshop in Paris (Oct) and an invited talk at the COMET-ENVISION Workshop in London (Nov).