Section: New Results

Software prototypes, Generic Developments and Specific Tools

Participants : Cédric Joncour, Romain LeGuay, Pierre Pesneau, Ruslan Sadykov, François Vanderbeck.

BaPCod - a generic branch-and-price code

The development of the prototype software platform is now supported by our junior engineer, Romanin Leguay, who started in September. He developped a new interface with the underlying MIP solver allowing multiple solvers to be called in the same run. The svn depository was re-organized in view of the increasing number of users to whom Romain offer precious support. Romain is currently redesigning parts of the code in the perspective of its parallelisation and is doing code profiling to identify bottlenecks.

The software platform BaPCod is continuously improved to include all the methodological features that arise from our research, in particular in our collaborative project with Brazil: SAMBA. BaPCod serves there as a proof-of-concept code and is useful for the transfer of knowledge between the parties, including the company GAPSO (a Brazilian spin-up launched by these academics).

We have two new institutional Beta users: EDF and Paris 6.