Section: Dissemination

Animation of the scientific community

Publishing activities.

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, associate editor: J.-P. Tillich for Coding Theory.

Designs, Codes and Cryptography, associate editor: P. Charpin, since 2003.

RAIRO - Theoretical Informatics and Applications, associate editor: N. Sendrier.

Special issue in Coding and Cryptography, Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 2011, co-editor: P. Charpin.

WCC 2011, April 11-15, 2011, Paris, Program co-chair: A. Canteaut.

FSE 2012 (Fast Software Encryption): March, 19-21, 2012, Washington DC, USA, Program chair: A. Canteaut

A. Canteaut is a member of the steering committee of Fast Software Encryption (FSE);

N. Sendrier is a member of the steering committee of Post-quantum cryptography (PQCrypto).

Organization of international conferences

We are involved in the organization of the Workshop on Coding Theory and Cryptography (WCC) which will be held in Paris in April 2011. This is the seventh in the series of biannual workshops on Coding and Cryptography. Pascale Charpin and Nicolas Sendrier were the general chairs of the workshop. Anne Canteaut was a program co-chair.

Program committees

FSE 2011: February, 14-16, 2011, Lyngby, Denmark (A. Canteaut);

Skew 2011: February 16-17, 2011, Lyngby, Denmark (A. Canteaut);

WCC 2011: April 11-15, 2011, Paris, France (A. Canteaut, program co-chair);

Code-based Cryptography Workshop: May 11-12, 2011, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (N. Sendrier);

WCCS'11 (2nd Workshop on Codes, Cryptography and Communication Systems), June 16-17, 2011, Rabat, Morocco (A. Otmani);

Africacrypt 2011: July 4-8, 2011, Dakar, Senegal (A. Canteaut, A. Otmani);

SCC 2011: June 24-25, 2011, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK (A. Otmani);

SAC 2011: August 11-12, 2011, Ryerson University, Ontario, Canada (A. Canteaut);

TQC 2011 (6th Conference on Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and Cryptography): May 24-26, 2011, Universidad Complutense de Madrid Madrid, Spain (J.-P. Tillich);

ITW 2011: October 16-20, 2011, Paraty, Brazil (N. Sendrier);

PQCrypto 2011: November 29 - December 2, Taipei, Taiwan (N. Sendrier, JP Tillich);

Indocrypt 2011: December 11-15, 2011, Chennai, India (N. Sendrier);

IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding: December 12-15, 2011, University of Oxford, UK (P. Charpin);

FSE 2012: March 19-21, 2012, Washington DC, USA (A. Canteaut, program chair);

PKC 2012: May 21-23, 2012, Darmstadt, Germany (N. Sendrier);

SAC 2012: August 16-17, 2012, Windsor, Ontario, Canada (A. Canteaut).

Invited talks

JP. Tillich, Quantum turbo codes with unbounded minimum distance and excellent error-reducing performance, Workshop on /Quantum/ Information: Codes, /Geometry/ and Random Structures, Centre de recherches mathématiques Université de Montréal, October 24-26, 2011.

N. Sendrier, Decoding One Out of Many, Algebraic Coding Theory workshop, CI Bernouilli, EPFL, Lausanne, September 2011.

N. Sendrier, The Tightness of Security Reductions in Code-based Cryptography, IEEE Information Theory Workshop - ITW 2011, Paraty, Brazil, October 2011.

N. Sendrier, A Survey of Code-based Cryptography, The São Paulo Advanced School of Cryptography, University of Campinas, Brazil, October 2011.

A. Canteaut, De l'espérance de vie d'un algorithme symétrique (ou l'AES dix ans après), Journées CRYPTIS, Université de Limoges, November 25-26, 2011.

Other responsibilities in the national community.

  • N. Sendrier is a member of the “Commission d'Evaluation” at INRIA;

  • “Commission d'experts”(Committees for the selection of professors and assistant professors, or for the selection of researchers): Université de Versailles-St Quentin (A. Canteaut), Université Paris Diderot (A. Canteaut), INRIA Saclay-Ile de France (concours CR, N. Sendrier), INRIA (concours DR, N. Sendrier);

  • A. Canteaut has been co-chair of the postdoc committee for the Paris-Rocquencourt center;

  • JP Tillich is in charge of “Formation par la recherche” for the Paris-Rocquencourt center since October 2011.