Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

DMSP Yvelines District grant (Nov 2010 - Apr. 2012)

Partners: INRIA-SMIS (coordinator), Gemalto, UVSQ, Santeos

SMIS funding : 75k€


Electronic Health Record (EHR) projects have been launched in most developed countries to increase the quality of care while decreasing its cost. Despite their unquestionable benefits, patients are reluctant to abandon their control of highly sensitive data to a distant server. The objective of the DMSP project is to complement a traditional EHR server with a secure and mobile personal medical folder (1) to protect and share highly sensitive data among trusted parties and (2) to provide a seamless access to the data even in disconnected mode. The DMSP architecture builds upon the technology designed in the PlugDB project (see above). It is currently experimented in the context of a medical-social network providing care and services at home for elderly people. The experiment in the field started in September 2011 with a population of 120 volunteer patients and practitioners in the Yvelines district.