Section: Software


Participant : Elise Bannier.

IOGAT stands for "Iowa Gambling Task for Event Related fMRI". This software implements a paradigm, i.e., a sequence of stimuli to be proposed to a subject, in order to study the decision making process with functional MRI. The subject is presented with 4 decks of cards. Each deck is associated with a gain or a loss of money in a non random way: 2 of them are advantageous to the suject whereas the other 2 are disadvantageous. The subject is asked to pick up cards, choosing freely the deck he/she picks up the card from, so as to maximize his/her gains. While the subject performs this task, his/her brain is imaged with a BOLD fMRI acquisition. This paradigm is designed to localize the cortical areas involved in the decision making process.

This software will be distributed as open source code.

  • APP: IDDN.FR. : APP registration in progress.

  • License: the software is being licensed to CHU Besancon

  • Patent: under application

  • Programming language: E-Basic

  • Programming software: E-Prime v2.0