Section: Software

T3devKit testing toolkit and IPv6 test suites

Participants : Anthony Baire, César Viho.

We have built a toolkit for easing executing tests written in the standardized TTCN-3 test specification language. This toolkit is made of a C++ library together with a highly customizable CoDec generator that allows fast development of external components (that are required to execute a test suite) such as CoDec (for message Coding/Decoding), System and Platform Adapters. It also provides a framework for representing and manipulating TTCN-3 events so as to ease the production of test reports. The toolkit addresses issues that are not yet covered by ETSI standards while being fully compatible with the existing standard interfaces: TRI (Test Runtime Interfaces) and TCI (Test Control Interfaces), it has been tested with four TTCN-3 environments (IBM, Elvior, Danet and Go4IT) and on three different platforms (Linux, Windows and Cygwin). It is publicly released under the CeCILL-C License.

All these tools with associated test suites (for RIPng, DHCPv6 and examples for DNS) are freely available at http://www.irisa.fr/tipi .