Section: Software

Performance and dependability evaluation

Participants : Gerardo Rubino, Bruno Sericola, Bruno Tuffin.

We develop software tools for the evaluation of two classes of models: Markov models and reliability networks. The main objective is to quantify dependability aspects of the behaviors of the modeled systems, but other aspects of the systems can be handled (performance, performability, vulnerability). The tools are specialized libraries implementing numerical, Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo algorithms.

One of these libraries has been developed for the Celar (DGA), and its goal is the evaluation of dependability and vulnerability metrics of wide area communication networks (WANs). The algorithms in this library can also evaluate the sensitivities of the implemented dependability measures with respect to the parameters characterizing the behavior of the components of the networks (nodes, lines).

We are also developing tools with the objective of building Markovian models and to compute bounds of asymptotic metrics such as the asymptotic availability of standard metrics of models in equilibrium, loss probabilities, blocking probabilities, mean backlogs,...). A set of functions designed for dependability analysis is being built under the name DependLib .