Section: Dissemination

Standardization activities

Participants : Anthony Baire, Arulnambi Nandagoban, César Viho.

The Dionysos team continues to dedicate a significant effort towards standardization and certification in the telecommunications area. We participate in several working groups of the main telecommunication standardization institutes like the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), ETSI (European Telecommunication Standardization Institute), etc. We are also active in the main mailing-lists treating new generation networks and protocols. Several proposals of drafts and contributions to the definition of standards and RFCs (Request For Comments) have been published. This year our contributions focus today mainly on IPv6 and related protocols such as 6LowPAN and CoAP.

IPv6 Ready Logo Program

Participants : Anthony Baire, César Viho.

Dionysos team has also a major role in the world-wide certification process for IPv6 products launched by the IPv6 Forum, the “IPv6 Ready Logo Program”. For details, see http://www.ipv6ready.org . This project aims to provide the means needed to test existing IPv6 products to be deployed in the market. Dionysos contributes to the technical part of this Program by defining the certification process itself, specifying required tests, and developing some of the interoperability tests needed. This work is done together with the IPv6 Forum, the ETSI in Europe, the WIDE-project in Japan and the TTA (Telecommunications Technology Association) in Korea.

In 2010 we started a collaboration with the IPSO alliance in order to address the usage of IPv6 on smart objects based on the IEEE 802.15.4 link layer (for instance, sensor networks). These network have special constraints (limited power, packet loss, ...) and new protocols are designed at IETF (6LowPAN, RPL) to allow using IPv6 with these constraints. We are on the way to provide a certification program for 6LoWPAN.