Section: Dissemination


Jacques-Henri Jourdan participated in the organization of the Castor computer science contest (http://castor-informatique.fr/ ). This contest aims at making computer science more popular in French high schools and junior high schools. It attracted over 90,000 participants.

Xavier Leroy gave a popular science talk on critical avionics software at the December 2012 “Jam session” meeting of Inria Alumni.

Jonathan Protzenko, along with two other PhD students, is curating the Junior Seminar in Rocquencourt, where he coaches other PhD students into presenting their work in front of a friendly audience.

Gabriel Scherer set up a research blog for the Gallium project-team, to highlight small chunks of work of the team members in an informal and popularized style. For example, Valentin Robert, Thomas Braibant and Jacques-Henri Jourdan described various aspects of their interaction with the Coq proof assistant, some of which eventually resulted in small improvements integrated by the Coq development team. Articles are published approximately once a week, and the blog gets on average 500 visits a day.