Section: Application Domains

Multi-fluid flows

  • computation of bifluid flows : see the thesis of S. Tancogne ( [83] ) and P. Vigneaux ([86] ). Stability of an interface, shape of droplets, formation of a jet. Study of the Plateau-Rayleigh instability. Behaviour of diphasic fluids evolving in square microchannels.

  • mixing in micro-channel : see the thesis of J. Dambrine [67] . Passive mixing strategies involving boundary conditions. Enhanced oil recovery (study of mixing oil-water-polymer in a microchannel).

  • emulsions and foam : see the thesis of S. Benito [52] . Applications in biology : behaviour of tissues, of tumor,....

  • polymer nanotube conglomerate wire : it was the subject of a talk in the following conference "WCCM8-ECCOMAS2008" and of the talk [65] .