Section: Software


Participants : Charles-Henri Bruneau [correspondant] , Khodor Khadra.

The software NS-MPI-2D-3D is a numerical platform devoted to the computation of the incompressible flow around bodies in two or three dimensions modelled by Stokes, Navier-Stokes or Oldroyd-B equations. It is based on finite differences or finite volumes approximations on cartesian grid using the volume penalization method to handle the obstacles. The resolution is achieved by means of the multigrid method. Dirichlet, periodic or artificial boundary conditions are implemented to solve various problems in closed or open domains.

  • Version: 3

  • Keywords: Numerical simulation of incompressible flows,

  • Type of human computer interaction: console

  • OS/Middelware: unix, linux, Mac OS X item Programming language: Fortran 95 and MPI

  • Documentation: included