Section: Software


Participants : Clément Pernet [correspondant] , Thierry Gautier.

  • Characterization of Software : A-3 / SO-4 / SM-2 / EM-3 / SDL-5

  • Own Contribution: DA-4 / CD-3 / MS-3 / TPM-4

  • Additional information:

    • web site: http://linalg.org

    • Objective of the software: LinBox is an open-source C++ template library for exact, high-performance linear algebra computations. It is considered as the reference library for numerous computations (such as linear system solving, rank, characteristic polynomial, Smith normal forms,...) over finite fields and integers with dense, sparse, and structured matrices.

    • The LinBox group is an international collaboration (USA: NCSU, UDel; Canada: U Waterloo, U Calgary; France: LIP, LIRMM, LJK and LIG). Articles related to the library have been published in the main Conferences of the area: ISSAC, ICMS. MOAIS contributes to its development and more specifically to its parallelization in the context of ANR HPAC project. It is currently experiencing a major change of design, to better integrate parallelism.

    • Users community: mostly researchers doing computational mathematics (number theory, cryptology, group theory, persistent homology. They use the library by either linking against it directly (the library is packaged in Debian, Fedora, etc ) or withing the general purpose math software Sage (sagemath.org very broad diffusion) which includes LinBox as a kernel for exact linear algebra.