Section: Software

KRASH - Kernel for Reproduction and Analysis of System Heterogeneity

Participants : Guillaume Huard [correspondant] , Swann Perarnau.

  • Characterization of Software : A-1 / SO-3 / SM-4 / EM-2 / SDL-3

  • Own Contribution: DA-4 / CD-4 / MS-4 / TPM-4

  • Additional information:

    • web site: http://krash.ligforge.imag.fr

    • Objective of the software: Krash is a tool to create a synthetic heterogeneity on top of a dedicated system while preserving the OS state and algorithms (no modification). It makes use of the control groups (cgroups) in Linux kernel newer than version 2.6.24 to create a dynamic CPU load enforced no matter how many applications are running in parallel.

    • Users community: Research open source project, small community: developers of parallel applications in heterogeneous contexts.

    • Positioning: Competing tool is Wreakavoc (less scalable, less precise), more details in : Swann Perarnau and Guillaume Huard. Krash: Reproducible cpu load generation on many-core machines. In IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), 2010.