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Section: Application Domains

Application Domains

The project addresses the design, semantics and implementation of programming languages together with compilation techniques to develop provably safe and efficient computing systems. Traditional applications can be found in safety critical embedded systems with hard real-time constraints such as avionics (e.g., fly-by-wire command), railways (e.g., on board control, engine control), nuclear plants (e.g., emergency control of the plant). While embedded applications have been centralized, they are now massively parallel and physically distributed (e.g., sensor networks, train tracking, distributed simulation of factories) and they integrate computationally intensive algorithms (e.g., video processing) with a mix of hard and soft real-time constraints. Finally, systems are heterogeneous with discrete devices communicating with physical ones (e.g., interface between analog and digital circuits). Programming and simulating a whole system from a unique source code, with static guarantees on the reproducibility of simulations together with a compiler to generate target embedded code is a scientific and industrial challenge of great importance.