Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

GIS Interop Grande Région

Participants : Nacer Boudjlida [responsible] , Khalid Benali, François Charoy, Olivier Perrin, Claude Godart.

Follow-up the INTEROP Network of Excellence, the INTEROP V-Lab (International Virtual Laboratory on interoperability, http://www.interop-vlab.eu/ ) has been officially created in Brussels on March 2007 as an international non-profit making association (serving the international interest). In this context, Nancy played also a leading role in the definition of the V-Lab and in the settlement of the so-called INTEROP V-Lab pole (a partner of the INTEROP V-Lab): the Grande Region pole. The institutions that compose the Grande Region pole are University of Namur, University of Paris I La Sorbonne, University Lyon II, INSA Lyon, INSA Strasbourg, the former University Henri Poincaré Nancy 1 and the former University Nancy 2. The pole is legally defined as a Scientific (International) Interest Group (Groupement d'Intérèt Scientifique or GIS). Its attachment to the INTEROP V-Lab has been achieved in may 2009. The role of the GIS is to animate regional scientific cooperation amongg the French GIS partners and Luxembourg (Henri Tudor Public Research center) and Belgium (University of Namur) as well as international cooperation since the INTEROP V-Lab encompasses lot of partners coming from the European Union and from China. Nacer Boudjlida is the head of the management committee of the INTEROP Grande Region and he is also a member of its scientific committee.

Associate Team Inria VanaWeb

SCORE is involved in the Associate Team Inria VanaWeb (with UTFSM Valparaìso, Chili) which is interested in autonomous constraint solving concepts and their application to composition problems for Web services. The coordinators of this project are Carlos Castro (UTFSM Valparaìso, Chili) and Christophe Ringeissen (CASSIS ).