Section: New Results

Multi-Class Cosegmentation

Participants : Armand Joulin [correspondant] , Francis Bach.

Bottom-up, fully unsupervised segmentation remains a daunting challenge for computer vision. In the cosegmentation context, on the other hand, the availability of multiple images assumed to contain instances of the same object classes provides a weak form of supervision that can be exploited by discriminative approaches. Unfortunately, most existing algorithms are limited to a very small number of images and/or object classes (typically two of each). In [9] , we propose a novel energy-minimization approach to cosegmentation that can handle multiple classes and a significantly larger number of images. The proposed cost function combines spectral- and discriminative-clustering terms, and it admits a probabilistic interpretation. It is optimized using an efficient EM method, initialized using a convex quadratic approximation of the energy. Comparative experiments show that the proposed approach matches or improves the state of the art on several standard datasets.

Collaboration with the Willow project-team (J. Ponce).