Section: New Results

Model Footprint / Pruning / Slicing

During the previous evaluation period, we have established various facilities to ease the metamodeling activity.

Model operations such as transformation and composition declare source metamodels that are usually larger than the set of concepts and relations actually used by the operation. We have proposed and validated a static operation analyzer to retrieve the metamodel footprint of the operation [46] . Then, we propose a conjunct use of model typing and metamodel pruning to ease the reuse of model transformations on instances of different metamodels [21] .

In general, many operators consist into extracting a subset of a model according to a language-based specification. Model slicing is a model operation that consists in extracting a subset of a model. Because the creation of a new DSL implies the creation from scratch of a new model slicer, we proposed the Kompren language that models and generates model slicers for any DSL [70] [66] . An extended version was recently published in SoSyM [14] .