Section: Software and Platforms

MediEgo : A recommendation solution for webmasters

Participants : Antoine Boutet, Jacques Falcou, Arnaud Jégou, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Jean-François Verdonck.

Table 1.
Contact: Anne-Marie Kermarrec
Licence: Proprietary
Presentation: Recommendation solution for webmasters
Status: Beta version, IDDN.FR.001.490030.000.S.P.2013.000.30000 on 09/12/2013

MediEgo is a solution for content recommendation based on the users navigation history. The solution 1) collects the usages of the Web users and store them in a profile; 2) uses this profile to associate to each user her most similar users; 3) leverages this implicit network of close users in order to infer their preferences and recommend advertisements and recommendations. MediEgo achieves scalability using a sampling method, which provides very good results at a drastically reduced cost.