Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral contracts with industry

DUCATI: Optimization of sensors location and activation — contract with DGA / Techniques navales

Participant : François Le Gland.

See  3.3 and  4.2

Inria contract ALLOC 7326 — April 2013 to December 2016.

This is a collaboration with Christian Musso (ONERA, Palaiseau) and with Sébastien Paris (LSIS, université du Sud Toulon Var), related with the supervision of the PhD thesis of Yannick Kenne.

The objective of this project is to optimize the position and activation times of a few sensors deployed by one or several platforms over a search zone, so as to maximize the probability of detecting a moving target. The difficulty here is that the target can detect an activated sensor before it is detected itself, and it can then modify its own trajectory to escape from the sensor. This makes the optimization problem a spatio–temporal problem. The activity in the beginning of this project has been to study different ways to merge two different solutions to the optimization problem : a fast, though suboptimal, solution developped by ONERA in which sensors are deployed where and when the probability of presence of a target is high enough, and the optimal population–based solution developped by LSIS and Inria in a previous contract (Inria contract ALLOC 4233) with DGA / Techniques navales.