Section: Dissemination


In June 2013, the team participated to the organization of the seminar “Logiciels de qualité : modélisation et vérification” at “Journées scientifiques de l'Université de Nantes”. The seminar had more than 50 participants, from industry and academia.

Moreover, since several years, the AtlandMod team is already very involved in the open source community, notably via its constant activity within the context of the Eclipse Foundation. This activity actually takes different forms: creation and leading/development of Eclipse projects (under Eclipse.org or Eclipse Labs), participation to the major worldwide community events (i.e.; EclipseCon North America and EclipseCon Europe), organization of events targeting the local community (i.e. Eclipse DemoCamps), etc.

This year again, the team has been active and visible in terms of concrete contributions to the community. The main remarkable items are the following ones:

  • Leading of the MDT MoDisco project (Hugo Bruneliere), the Eclipse reference project concerning model-driven reverse engineering;

  • Commitment to other projects directly under Eclipse.org: MMT ATL and EMFT EMF Facet (Hugo Bruneliere);

  • Commitment to other projects under EclipseLabs: EMFToCSP (Jordi Cabot, Carlos Gonzalez) and Virtual EMF (Caue Clasen, Jordi Cabot);

  • Creation and development of a new incubation project under Eclipse Labs: Collaboro (Javier Canovas);

  • Organization of an official Eclipse DemoCamp in Nantes, on the 28th of June 2012, for locally promoting the Eclipse Juno release including the MoDisco, ATL and EMF Facet team's projects (Hugo Bruneliere, in collaboration with the Obeo company);

  • Publication of a paper on MoDisco in the European ERCIM NEWS Journal 88, dedicated to Software Evolution (Hugo Bruneliere and Jordi Cabot, in collaboration with the Mia-Software company);

  • Presentation of talks during the two main Eclipse events (Hugo Bruneliere): at EclipseCon North America 2012 about EMF Facet, at EclipseCon Europe 2012 about Collaboro.

Generally, the team visible presence under Eclipse is also an efficient way to continue active collaborations with industrial partners, such as Mia-Software (Sodifrance) on MoDisco - EMF Facet, and Obeo on ATL.