Section: New Results

Active Data: A Data-Centric Approach to Data Life-Cycle Management

Participants : Gilles Fedak, Anthony Simonet.

Data-intensive science offers new opportunities for innovation and discoveries, provided that large datasets can be handled efficiently. Data management for data-intensive science applications is challenging; requiring support for complex data life cycles, coordination across multiple sites, fault tolerance, and scalability to support tens of sites and petabytes of data. In [28] , we argue that data management for data-intensive science applications requires a fundamentally different management approach than the current ad-hoc task centric approach. We propose Active Data, a fundamentally novel paradigm for data life cycle management. Active Data follows two principles: data-centric and event-driven. We report on the Active Data programming model and its preliminary implementation, and discuss the benefits and limitations of the approach on recognized challenging data-intensive science use-cases.