Section: Application Domains


keywords: telecommunications, wireless communications, wireless sensor networks, content-based image retrieval, video coding, intelligent transportation systems, automotive, security

Our research is based on realistic applications, in order to both discover the main needs created by these applications and to invent realistic and interesting solutions.

The high complexity of the Next-Generation (4G) Wireless Communication Systems leads to the design of real-time high-performance specific architectures. The study of these techniques is one of the main field of applications for our research, based on our experience on WCDMA for 3G implementation.

In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), where each wireless node has to operate without battery replacement for a long time, energy consumption is the most important constraint. In this domain, we mainly study energy-efficient architectures and wireless cooperative techniques for WSN.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and especially Automotive Systems, more and more apply technology advances. While wireless transmissions allow a car to communicate with another or even with road infrastructure, automotive industry can also propose driver assistance and more secure vehicles thanks to improvements in computation accuracy for embedded systems.

Other important fields will also be considered: hardware cryptographic and security modules, specialized hardware systems for the filtering of the network traffic at high-speed, high-speed true-random number generation for security, content-based image retrieval and video processing.