Section: Software and Platforms

Interval analysis libraries


Participants : David Daney, Jean-Pierre Merlet [correspondant] , Odile Pourtallier.

The ALIAS library (Algorithms Library of Interval Analysis for Systems), whose development started in 1998, is a collection of procedures based on interval analysis for systems solving and optimization.

ALIAS is made of two parts:

  • ALIAS-C++ : the C++ library (87 000 code lines) which is the core of the algorithms

  • ALIAS-Maple : the Maple interface for ALIAS-C++ (55 000 code lines). This interface allows one to specify a solving problem within Maple and get the results within the same Maple session. The role of this interface is not only to generate the C++ code automatically, but also to perform an analysis of the problem in order to improve the efficiency of the solver. Furthermore, a distributed implementation of the algorithms is available directly within the interface.

Although these libraries are intended to be used within the project-team they can be freely downloaded as a library file (but the user may introduce its own code in several part of the package) and has been used for example at LIRMM and IRCCyN.