Section: Software and Platforms

Fast linear system solvers in public domain libraries

Participant : Marc Baboulin [correspondant] .

Hybrid multicore+GPU architectures are becoming commonly used systems in high performance computing simulations. In this research, we develop linear algebra solvers where we split the computation over multicore and graphics processors, and use particular techniques to reduce the amount of pivoting and communication between the hybrid components. This results in efficient algorithms that take advantage of each computational unit [16] . Our research in randomized algorithms yields to several contributions to propose public domain libraries PLASMA and MAGMA in the area of fast linear system solvers for general and symmetric indefinite systems. These solvers minimize communication by removing the overhead due to pivoting in LU and LDLT factorization. Different approaches to reduce communication are compared in [2] .

See also the web page http://icl.cs.utk.edu/magma/ .