Section: Software and Platforms


Participants : Marie-Paule Cani, Amaury Jung, Mohamed-Galal Koraa, Maxime Quiblier, Cédric Zanni, Antoine Begault.

Figure 3. GUI and Example of implicit surface and modeled with the Expressive platform.

Expressive is a new C++ library developed to gather and share the models and algorithms developed within the ERC Expressive project. It enables us to make our latest research results on new creative tools; typically high level models together with intuitive, sketching or sculpting interfaces - soon available to the rest of the group and easily usable in our industrial partnerships. Its most developed part is Convol, a library dedicated implicit surfaces; and more particularly to the sub-classes of convolution surfaces and other integral surfaces along skeletons. Convol incorporates all the necessary material for constructive implicit modeling: skeleton-based convolution and SCALIS primitives, with closed form solution for the field values and gradient whenever possible; a variety of blending operators; and several methods for tessellating an implicit surface into a mesh, and for refining the later in highly curved regions. The creation of new geometry can be performed by direct manipulation of skeletal primitives or through sketch-based modeling.