Section: Software and Platforms

Functional programming

Participants : Cyprien Nicolas, Bernard Serpette, Manuel Serrano [correspondant] .

The Bigloo compiler

The programming environment for the Bigloo compiler [7] is available on the Inria Web site at the following URL: http://www-sop.inria.fr/teams/indes/fp/Bigloo . The distribution contains an optimizing compiler that delivers native code, JVM bytecode, and .NET CLR bytecode. It contains a debugger, a profiler, and various Bigloo development tools. The distribution also contains several user libraries that enable the implementation of realistic applications.

Bigloo was initially designed for implementing compact stand-alone applications under Unix. Nowadays, it runs harmoniously under Linux and MacOSX. The effort initiated in 2002 for porting it to Microsoft Windows is pursued by external contributors. In addition to the native back-ends, the Bigloo JVM back-end has enabled a new set of applications: Web services, Web browser plug-ins, cross platform development, etc. The new Bigloo .NET CLR back-end that is fully operational since release 2.6e enables a smooth integration of Bigloo programs under the Microsoft .NET environment.