Section: Application Domains


Because of its generality, our overlay network can target many applications. We would like to list a small number of useful programmable overlay-network-related case studies that can be considered as “LogNet Grand Challenges”, to help potential readers understand the interest of our research program.

  • Interconnecting overlay networks transparently;

  • building a programmable social network platform relying on a cloud + P2P architecture;

  • experimenting with our interconnecting algorithm in the domain of video streaming;

  • studying and integrating mobile devices and mobile networks 3G/4G as a real peer in actual P2P systems;

  • studying trust and reputation systems applied to P2P and web economy;

  • studying new distributed models of computation (long term objective);

  • studying new type theories and lambda-calculi to be the basis of new proof assistants based on Curry-Howard isomorphism.