Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Contracts with Industry


RealTimeAtWork.com is a startup from Inria Nancy-Grand Est created in December 2007. Bruno Gaujal is a scientific partner and a founding member of the startup. Its main target is to provide software tools for solving real time constraints in embedded systems, particularly for superposition of periodic flows. Such flows are typical in automotive and avionics industries who are the privileged potential users of the technologies developed by http://www.RealTimeAtWork.com .

ADR Selfnets with Alcatel

Selfnets is an ADR (action de recherche) of the common laboratory between Inria and Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs. Bruno Gaujal is co-leading the action with Vincent Roca. Selfnets is mainly concerned with self-optimizing wireless networks (Wifi, 3G, LTE). Eight Inria teams are participating in Selfnets. As for MESCAL, we mainly work on recent mobile equipment (e.g., using the norm IEEE 802.21) that can freely switch between different technologies (vertical handover). This allows for some flexibility in resource assignment and, consequently, increases the potential throughput allocated to each user. We develop and analyze fully distributed algorithms based on evolutionary games that exploit the benefits of vertical handover by finding fair and efficient user-network association schemes.