Section: Software and Platforms


Participants : Géry Casiez [correspondant] , Damien Marchal, Nicolas Roussel.

Libpointing is a software toolkit that provides direct access to HID pointing devices and supports the design and evaluation of pointing transfer functions [2] . The toolkit provides resolution and frequency information for the available pointing and display devices and makes it easy to choose between them at run-time through the use of URIs. It allows to bypass the system's transfer functions to receive raw asynchronous events from one or more pointing devices. It replicates as faithfully as possible the transfer functions used by Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Xorg (the X.Org Foundation server). Running on these three platforms, it makes it possible to compare the replicated functions to the genuine ones as well as custom ones. The toolkit is written in C++ with Python and Java bindings available. It is publicly available under the GPLv2 license.

Web site: http://libpointing.org/

Software characterization : A3, SO3, SM-2, EM2, SDL4