Section: New Results

Merging two tactile stimulation principles: Electrovibration and Squeeze film effect

Participants : Michel Amberg, Frédéric Giraud, Clément Nadal, Betty Semail [correspondant] .

Electrovibration and squeeze film effect can modify the perception a user has of a flat surface, with opposite action. In fact, electrovibration increases the friction of the finger on the surface, while the squeeze film reduces it. These two stimulation principles are compatible, and in this work [23] , we wanted to merge them in a tactile stimulator, in order to enhance the control of the lateral force. Our approach was to identify the effect of each tactile stimulation, and we proposed its modelling: the dynamic of the mecahnical response of the fingerpulp has to be taken into account between the programmed stimulus and the resulting lateral force. We have shown also that the two techniques may be used simultaneously accounting to a few precautions. From the first experimental trials, the conclusion here is that the squeeze film effect is able to reduce tangential forces generated by the electrostatic forces, by going on acting on the friction coefficient.

Figure 3. (Left) The experimental test bench to measure the forces produced during the stimulation. (Right) The tactile stimulator merging the two stimulation principles.
IMG/figure8.png IMG/electrovibrato.png