Section: Dissemination

Scientific Animation

Invited Talks

  • “Future generation of tactile stimulators”: F. Giraud, Haptic Forum organized by the Femto-ST (november 30th)

  • “Past interfaces still have a future”: N. Roussel, LIRMM, Montpellier (April 11th)

  • “Perception-action coupling for Human-Computer Interaction”: N. Roussel, Inria Executive Committee (February 6th)

Journal reviewing

  • Transactions on Computing and Cultural Heritage (ACM): T. Pietrzak, D. Marchal

  • Transactions on Applied Perception (ACM): T. Pietrzak

  • Transactions on Haptics (IEEE): T. Pietrzak, B. Semail

  • Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE): F. Chevalier

  • Technique et Science Informatique (Lavoisier) special issue on big data visualization: F. Chevalier (program committee)

Conference organization

  • ACM CHI : G. Casiez, PC member and member of the best paper committee; N. Roussel, video showcase co-chair

  • ACM UIST : F. Chevalier, PC member

  • IEEE 3DUI: G. Casiez, PC member

  • ACM EICS : N. Roussel, PC member

  • ACM SUI: G. Casiez, PC member

  • IEEE VIS, : F. Chevalier, fast-forward co-chair

  • IEEE BigData Congress: F. Chevalier, PC member

  • IHC (Simpósio de Fatores Humanos em Sistemas Computacionais): N. Roussel, PC member

  • IHM : N. Roussel, co-president; F. Chevalier, tutorials and workshops co-chair; G. Casiez & T. Pietrzak, PC members

  • fOSSa : N. Roussel, PC member

  • Journée IHM-IA: N. Roussel, co-organizer

  • EPE 2013 : B. Semail, general chairman

Conference reviewing

  • ACM CHI : G. Casiez, F. Chevalier, T. Pietrzak, N. Roussel

  • ACM UIST : G. Casiez, F. Chevalier

  • ACM EICS : N. Roussel

  • IEEE PacificVis: F. Chevalier

  • ACM ITS: G. Casiez

  • GI: G. Casiez

  • TEI: G. Casiez

  • IFIP Interact: T. Pietrzak, N. Roussel

  • IHC (Simpósio de Fatores Humanos em Sistemas Computacionais): N. Roussel

  • IHM : G. Casiez, F. Chevalier, T. Pietrzak, D. Marchal

Scientific associations

  • AFIHM, the French speaking HCI asssociation: N. Roussel and T. Pietrzak, members of the Executive Committee (vice-president and secretary from November 2011 to November 2013)

  • EPE, European Power Electronic association: B.Semail is member of the steering commitee

Evaluation committees and invited expertise

  • Inria's acceptance jury for junior researcher positions: N. Roussel

  • Inria Lille's eligibility jury for junior researcher positions: N. Roussel (president)

  • ANR SIMI 2 panel (JCJ, Blanc and Blanc international calls): N. Roussel

  • Expert reviewer for EPSRC (United Kingdom): N. Roussel

  • Expert reviewer for Digiteo-DigiCosme: G. Casiez

  • Expert reviewer for MITACS (Canada): G. Casiez