Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

FP7 Projects

Yann Régis-Gianas is a participant of the EU-FP7 Certified Complexity project (CerCo). This European project started in February 2010 as a collaboration between Bologna university (Asperti, Sacerdoti Coen), Edinburgh university (Pollack) and Paris Diderot university (Amadio, Régis-Gianas). The CerCo project aims at the construction of a formally verified complexity preserving compiler from a large subset of the C programming language to some typical micro-controller assembly language, of the kind traditionally used in embedded systems.

Collaborations in European Programs, except FP7

Pierre-Louis Curien, Yves Guiraud and Philippe Malbos are collaborators of the Applied and Computational Algebraic Topology (ACAT) networking programme of the European Science Foundation.