Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry


  • CRE with Orange Labs “ Dynamical Optical Networking in the Internet”. Contract on bandwidth allocation algorithm in optical networks. Duration 2 years starting from 01/01/12.

  • CELTIC-Plus Saser “Safe and Secure European Routing” submitted. RAP participates in the section on optical networks. Participants include Orange labs, Alcaltel-Lucent, Telecom Institute, ENSSAT as well as a number of German laboratories. Duration three years.

  • ANR Project “CONNECT: Content-Oriented Networking: a New Experience for Content Transfer”. The proposal submitted to the VERSO programme has been accepted. The planned starting date is January 2011 and the project is scheduled to last 2 years. The lead partner is Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France and the other partners are RAP, Inria/PLANETE, Orange LAbs, TelecomParisTech, UPMC.

  • PGMO project “Systèmes de véhicules en libre-service: Modélisation, Analyse et Optimisation” with G-Scop (CNRS lab, Grenoble) and Ifsttar. From 1 to 3 years. Starting at 1/10/2013.

  • The ANR Boole contract (Models for random Boolean functions and applications) has been transferred from the Algorithms project, and the funding will last until August 2013.

  • PhD grant CJS (Contrat Jeune Scientifique) Frontières du vivant of INRA for Emanuele Leoncini.

  • PhD grant CJS (Contrat Jeune Scientifique) Frontières du vivant of INRA for Renaud Dessalles.