Section: Dissemination

Conference and workshop committees, invited conferences

Nicolas Broutin is member of the steering committee of the international meeting on analysis of algorithms (AofA).

Nicolas Broutin has given invited lectures at annual meeting of the ANR presage, the annual meeting of the workgroup ALEA of the GDR-Im, and at the Oberwolfach workshop on extremes of branching random walk and branching Brownian motion. He has presented his results in seminars to the complex networks team at LIP6, in Paris X Nanterre, Nancy, ETH Zürich, Bell Labs France, and Frankfurt university. He has visited the computer science department of UL in Brussels, the mathematics institute of the Universität Zürich and of the mathematics institute of the Universität Frankfurt.

Nicolas Broutin has defended and obtained the HDR in July.

Philippe Robert has been a member of the technical programme committee of the conferences ACM Sigmetrics(2013) ICCCN (2013). He gave a talk at the PDMP workshop in Rennes in May. He gave an invited conference at the workshop “Modern probabilistic techniques for stochastic systems and networks” in Cambridge in August 2013 and in Eindhoven at the occasion of the 15th anniversary on December 11.

James Roberts was a member of the technical programme committee of the following conferences: NOMEN, CoNext, ITC. He gave keynote talks at Infocom (March), SaCoNeT (June) and ValueTools (December), invited talks at Rescom (February), Bell Labs France (October) and AINTEC (November), and a tutorial at ITC 25 (September).