Section: Dissemination

Scientific Animation

Workshop organization

CBC 2013 - the fourth Code-based Cryptography Workshop, Rocquencourt, June 10-12, 2013. Organizing committee: G. Landais, Rafael Misoczki, N. Sendrier (chair) http://cbc2013.inria.fr/ .

Editorial activities

Designs, Codes and Cryptography, associate editor: P. Charpin, since 2003.

Finite Fields and Their Applications associate editors: A. Canteaut, P. Charpin.

Special issue in Coding and Cryptography, Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 2013, co-editor: A. Canteaut.

Finite Fields and Their Applications. Character Sums and Polynomials, Radon Series on Computational and Applied Mathematics, Degruyter, In Press. Editeurs: P. Charpin, A. Pott (U. Magdeburg) et A. Winterhof (Austrian Acad. of Sc.)

A. Canteaut serves on the steering committee of Fast Software Encryption (FSE);

N. Sendrier serves on the steering committee of Post-quantum cryptography (PQCrypto);

M. Naya-Plasencia serves on the steering committee of the Coding and Cryptography group of GDR-IM https://crypto.di.ens.fr/c2:main .

Program committees

FSE 2013: March 11-13, 2013, Singapore, Singapore (A. Canteaut, M. Naya-Plasencia);

WCC 2013: April 15-19, 2013, Bergen, Norway (A. Canteaut, N. Sendrier);

PQCrypto 2013: June 4-7, 2013, Limoges, France (N. Sendrier, JP. Tillich);

CBC 2013: June, 10-12, 2013, Rocquencourt, France (N. Sendrier, JP. Tillich);

SAC 2013: August, 14-16, 2013, Vancouver, Canada (A. Canteaut, M. Naya-Plasencia);

MoCrySEn 2013: September, 2-6, 2013, Regensburg, Germany (N. Sendrier, co-chair; D. Simos, chair; M. Naya-Plasencia, J.P. Tillich);

Asiacrypt 2013: December 1-5, 2013, Bangalore, India (A. Canteaut, N. Sendrier);

IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding: December 17-19, 2013, Oxford, UK (P. Charpin, M. Naya-Plasencia);

Optimal Codes and Related Topics - OC 2013, September 6-8, 2013, Albena, Bulgaria (P. Charpin);

FSE 2014: March 2-5, 2014, London, UK (A. Canteaut);

Africacrypt 2014: May, 28-30, 2014, Marrakech, Morocco (M. Naya-Plasencia);

Eurocrypt 2014: May, 11-15, 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark (M. Naya-Plasencia);

YACC 2014: June, 9-14, 2014, Porquerolles, France (N. Sendrier, JP. Tillich)

ACNS 2014: June 10-13, 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland (A. Canteaut);

SAC 2014: August 14-15, 2014, Montréal, Canada (A. Canteaut, M. Naya-Plasencia);

Crypto 2014: August 17-21, 2014, Santa Barbara, USA (M. Naya-Plasencia);

SCN 2014: September 3-5, 2014, Amalfi, Italy (G. Leurent);

Latincrypt 2014: September, 17-19, 2014, Florianópolis, Brazil (N. Sendrier);

Asiacrypt 2014: December 7-11, 2014, China (M. Naya-Plasencia);

Indocrypt 2014: December 14-17, 2014, New Delhi, India (A. Canteaut).

Invited talks

A. Canteaut, Extended differential properties of cryptographic functions, The 11th International Conference on Finite Fields and their Applications - Fq11, Magdeburg, Germany, July 2013.

A. Canteaut, Similarities between Encryption and Decryption: How far can we go? (Stafford Tavares lecture,), Selected Areas in Cryptography - SAC 2013, Vancouver, Canada, August 2013.

A. Leverrier, A Combinatorial Approach to Nonlocality and Contextuality, Quo Vadis, Quantum Physics?, Natal, Brazil, February 2013.

A. Leverrier, Security of continuous-variable quantum key distribution against general attacks, APS March Meeting 2013, Baltimore, United States of America, March 2013.

N. Sendrier, The Construction of Code-Based Cryptosystems, The 14th IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding, Oxford, United Kingdom, December 2013.

A. Canteaut and M. Naya-Plasencia have been invited to give a talk to the Keccak & SHA-3 Day organized in Brussels, following the selection of the hash function Keccak as the new SHA-3 standard:

A. Canteaut, On some algebraic properties of Keccak, Keccak & SHA-3 Day, Brussels, Belgium, March 2013;

M. Naya-Plasencia, First practical results on reduced-round Keccak and Unaligned rebound attack, Keccak & SHA-3 Day, Brussels, Belgium, March 2013.

The members of the project-team have also been invited to give talks to some workshops or international seminars, including:

P. Charpin, On binary [2n-1,2n-1-2n,d] codes, workshop "Coding Theory", Dagstuhl Seminar 13351, August 2013.

A. Leverrier. Does BosonSampling need Fault-Tolerance?, Journées Informatique Quantique 2013, Nancy, France, October 2013.

M. Naya-Plasencia, Meet-in-the-middle through an Sbox, ESC 2013 - Early Symmetric Crypto seminar, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, January 2013.

N. Sendrier, Classical algorithm techniques for decoding generic linear codes, workshop “Quantum Cryptanalysis”, Dagstuhl Seminar 13371, September 2013.

Other responsibilities in the national community

  • N. Sendrier is a vice-chair of the “Commission d'Evaluation” at Inria;

  • N. Sendrier served on the following Inria juries: admissibilité DR2, admissibilité CR2 Rennes, admission CR;

  • N. Sendrier has served on the selection committee of PEPS IQC (quantum information and communication, CNRS);

  • A. Canteaut is a member of the “Comité de pilotage” of the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris;

  • JP. Tillich is in charge of “Formation par la recherche” for the Paris-Rocquencourt Inria center.

  • P. Charpin served on the selection committee for postdoctoral positions, Inria Paris-Rocquencourt.

  • P. Charpin served on the selection committee for PhD fundings in Computer Science at University Pierre-et-Marie Curie (theme: Software and Algorithms).