Section: Software and Platforms

SITB: The Matlab System Identification ToolBox

Participant : Qinghua Zhang.

This development is made in collaboration with Lennart Ljung (Linköping University, Sweden), Anatoli Juditsky (Joseph Fourier University, France) and Peter Lindskog (NIRA Dynamics, Sweden).

The System Identification ToolBox (SITB) is one of the main Matlab toolboxes commercialized by The Mathworks. Inria participates in the development of its extension to the identification of nonlinear systems which is released since 2007. It includes algorithms for both black box and grey box identification of nonlinear dynamic systems. Inria is mainly responsible for the development of black box identification, with nonlinear autoregressive (NLARX) models and block-oriented (Hammerstein-Wiener) models.