Section: Software and Platforms

ANR Open-PEOPLE platform

Participants : Anis Koubaa, Olivier Zendra.

The aim of Open-PEOPLE is to provide a platform for estimating and optimizing the power and energy consumption of systems. The Open-PEOPLE project formally started in April 2009.

In 2013, work in TRIO on this platform was minimal, because of the lack of development resources.

We performed software updates on the servers, ensuring the continuity of access (which is especially important since other partners of the former ANR Open-PEOPLE project still use this platform and actively develop on it). We fixed a few bugs on the platform.

In late 2013, we started working, in the context of Anis Koubaa's student project, on adding a new functionality to help develop energy combustion models, namely the automatic extraction of mathematical laws, derived from the measurements (cloud of points) coming from the experimental hardware platform.